Guest Experiences

"The homely atmosphere at SAHAYA made my stay here more comfortable. The treatment and the affectionate care I received here rejuvenated me both physically and mentally. My sincere thanks are always there for all the doctors, therapists, and administration staff and even to the people at kitchen. I wish the services of SAHAYA will reach many people true to its name."

- Mrs. K.R Geetha (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, October 2009

"Extremely relaxing. This place is cleansing for the body and mind. An important experience for everybody."

- Mrs. Aryka Fyzee(Bangalore) after 14 days stay, December 2009

"Excellent treatment plus high Doctor-patient ratio. Extremely patient friendly hospital."

- Mr. B.M. Chengappa (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, December 2009

"Fabulous treatment! Wonderful Doctors! Very caring staff! Had a good stay."

- Mrs. Purnima Gopinath (Bangalore) after 5 days stay, January 2010

"My stay here was very comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. Thanks to all the doctors and staff who took good care of me."

- Mrs. Rajashree Sunil Nair (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, February 2010

"Fantabulous is the appropriate term for such an experience. I had a great time with the team of doctors & the other staff. In fact I am feeling sad that I am leaving this place. I feel that I have been pampered too much. Wish you guys all the luck. Take care."

- Mr. Sashanka Sinha (Secunderabad) after 14 days stay, February 2010

"The treatment was excellent. There is very high co-ordination between all doctors. The services and care taken by doctors is patient friendly and very good. All the boys who does therapy had done are excellent. Stay was very comfortable. I am totally happy with the treatment and I got relief from all my problems during this stay and treatment."

- Mr. Shaji P Mathew (Bangalore) after 16 days stay, February 2010

"At the end of it all. I feel relaxed, lighter and pain-free to an extent. I would like to thank every single person at SAHAYA for giving me the best care & therapy possible. Will be seeing you again. Love & God Bless."

- Mr. Clyde Alweyn (Bangalore) after 28 days stay , March 2010

"Excellent Hospitality made my stay very relaxing and comfortable. SAHAYA has excellent staff. Treatment staff is excellent and give personal touch to make sure I was comfortable. All Doctors are excellent and go out of their ways. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking alternative medicine"


- Mr. Ramnik Mungra (USA) after 21 days stay, April 2010

"My wife was admitted here for severe back problem for 28 days. The team of Doctors and staff took personal care and treatment was very good . My wife improved a lot within weeks. The admin, kitchen and housekeeping staff did their duties very well. I will always remember Doctors and staff when I pray and pray for their good health and future success in life. God bless you all and shower his grace and blessing always."

- Mr. Xavier Mahelai (Bangalore) after 28 days stay, May 2010

"I spent the last 9 days here for undergoing the therapies/ treatment for my imbalance problem which might be due to transverse myelitis. Here a team of doctors evaluated and prescribed me the appropriate treatments. It is little too early to make a judgment call to infer if the treatment helped my problem specifically. However my overall well being has improved. The therapies like Abhyanga, Dhara, Pichu etc were given in great form and Kudos to the therapists. Hygiene was my important criteria and it was maintained very well. Now, I would like to thank everyone starting from doctors, GM, therapists, kitchen & hospitality staff, admin department as well as the security guy. At one point, when I was unwell with stomach upset, they immediately took care of me and I was fine. Thanks once again & great health for everyone."

- Mr.Nijagun M Koujalagi (Bangalore) after 9 days stay, June 2010

"10 days of my stay and my health has improved considerably. I am very grateful to the efficient and kind Doctors team, the therapists as well as the other staffs. SAHAYA is different – it is professionally run, but with a heart, which adds to the patients well being. A very big Thank You to everybody."

- Mrs. Irmela Futehally (Mumbai) after 10 days stay, May 2010

"To be seen to believe. In case of SAHAYA shall we call it an institution devoted for the sick persons. This institution is exclusively devoted for Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy. The hospital is well equipped with modern instruments and has well trained personnel. The staff is knowledgeable and kind and co-operative."

- Dr. I Mohan Rao (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, July 2010

"14 days treatment for my wife’s back & leg pain problems and my tennis elbow/Arthritis was indeed worth going through in SAHAYA. The holistic approach from Homeopathy, Ayurveda & Acupuncture is commendable. I hope to derive long term benefits. Stay, attention as also medical consultation were all very good. My best wishes."

- Mr & Mrs. Venkataramani (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, July 2010

"Treatment was excellent. The entire staff in SAHAYA has been very co-operative, helpful and committed."

- Mr.Venugopal Madathil (Bangalore) after 6 days stay, September 2010

"Stay at SOUKYA or SAHAYA is always very relaxing & rejuvenating. This is made possible by the complete team in SAHAYA. Having gone through this treatment earlier I have come here with a confidence I will go back rid of all pains again. Thanks to the Doctors, the therapists and all the support staff. Keep it up. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you one and all. Dr.Mathai please do open up more centre. It is a wonderful service to society. Thank you."

- Mrs. Nirmala Das, (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, November 2010

"Excellent environment for a relaxing rejuvenation."

- Mr.Sudheer (Bangalore) after 13 days stay, December 2010

"I heard about God & Angels in stories. But it came true here in SAHAYA. God gave us opportunity to see heaven which is also present on this earth, in the form of SOUKYA institution. We wish this heaven would be in our place. Thanks to all doctors and Non staff who are very dedicated."

- Ms. Kavita C Tubaki (Dharwad) after 63 days stay, December 2010

"Very holistic experience. Every member was very cordial. Highly appreciate each one’s patience to handle me when I was panic with pain. Food provided was very healthy and hygienic."

- Mrs. Reshma K.R (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, December 2010

"Excellent hospitality, very good co-ordination among Doctors, good and Holistic service by the therapist boys. Thanks to their dedicated service."

- Mr.Alphonsus (Bangalore) after 7 days stay, January 2011

"A very pleasant and relaxing experience. The friendly nature of all Doctors and staff relieves tension and stress. Thanks to all Doctors and staff."

- Mrs.Jessy Joy (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, March 2011

"Beautiful experience, I definitely recommend to my friends & family. All doctors are very well organized and loving. The doctors and staff made me feel at home. I never felt that I was in a hospital. I have never been so relaxed in my life. I have even gained more self confidence. Thanks to all the staff. All staff always ready to help us with a


. It was an honor for me to be surrounded by such kind and warm people. It made out stay comfortable. God bless you all!"

- Mrs. Sakina Hussain (Paris), after 18 days stay, March 2011

"We were very comfortable here and the treatment was excellent, because my mother had severe pain.We were very much delighted in the method of treating the patients and caring about the health, diet and accommodation etc., We are very much thankful to SAHAYA."

- Ms. V.S Omana (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, April 2011

"A lovely and a pleasant homely atmosphere. Had a great time with all my loving doctors. Thank you all so much for being very caring and supportive. I MISS SAHAYA!"

- Mrs. Sushma Naik (Dharwad) after 21 days stay, April 2011


"I came from Gwalior, MP. Was in much worse condition and me and my family were totally panicked. After coming here, we searched and found SAHAYA and it is like the exact place we were searching for (As I had already cut out the option of Allopathy). It’s a medical centre with a completely different feel from a hospital and positive vibes all around. The staff is really trained well. A truly caring team of Doctors. All this makes you feel so comfortable and special. All the treatments were so relaxing. I especially enjoyed the


(ooh I’m gonna miss it). I was so demanding all the time, but all the staff and the Doctors were happy to help me with a nice smile. The therapists worked really hard on me as it was not at all easy for them with my condition and all my constraints. But they really pampered me well. Special thanks to all the staff for taking really good care of me. These people surely get your life back on trace (Kudos)."

- Mr. Abhishek Karikare (Gwalior) after 37 days of stay, May 2011

"Great experience, a lovely place to relax. Friendly staff and doctors. Looking forward for my next visit. Going to miss SAHAYA for some days."

- Mr. Amit Bikram (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, June 2011

"Loved the Doctors and their insight and the holistic treatment. Feeling so much better and best part is the wonderful staff. Thanks for everything.

- Mrs.Padmaja Kelan (USA) after 14 days stay, July 2011

"Very friendly, loving people around. Nothing to worry about. All the best for your endeavour."

- Mrs. Aldein George (Bangalore) after 14 days stay.

"The doctors and other subordinate officials have rendered extra exemplary duty. They are all of family member type staff. They are not considered to be staff. They were all blood relative type. Their services could be remembered for the whole life. Good Luck.

- Mrs. Geetha Hampagol W/o. Basavaraj Hampagol Dy. Director – Fire service (B’lore) after 14 days stay, September 2011

"Excellent, friendly, caring personalized services by the dedicated team of Doctors and all other supporting staffs. The effective integrated Holistic treatment rendered gave me a unique soothing experience!

" Thank you & Best Wishes!

- Mrs.Vijaya Menon (Kerala) after 14 days stay, October 2011

"Great experience! Doctors & staff are very friendly and have a lot of patience. My stay here was very comfortable & relaxing, would recommend friends & relatives. I really miss u all."

- Mrs.Nalini (Bangalore) after 14 days stay ,2011

"My stay here has been very comfortable. Thank you all. The doctors have been excellent and very caring and patient. Always available & listening. The therapists have been extra caring and helpful. Very well trained. The other staff has been always willing to help and always smiling.The treatment itself has been most soothing met only for my body, my kind too!!"

- Ms.Poornima Gopinath (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, October 2011

"Excellent services. Doctors are very experienced and staff very find. Canteen facilities also good. Taking care and good helping nature. Looking after patient very nicely, treatment is very good. I am happy with treatment. I am giving a good suggestion. Please open a Branch in Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad."

- Mr.Kamal Mohammed (Bangalore) after 30 days stay, October 2011

"Excellent service. Everybody is very nice over here, highly experienced and it has been been a second home for me. I am very happy with the treatment. If possible please open one Branch in Delhi. People of our age group will really enjoy this treatment. Especially all Doctors are highly experienced and looked after me like a family member. Thank you very much everybody. With love & regards."

- Ms.Malti Sharma (New Delhi) after 14 days stay, October 2011

"My experience at SAHAYA, has been a wonderful. Professional doctors. Therapists have gods healing touch. Housekeeping maintains hygiene & cleanliness very well. Admin staff very helpful. Putting in a nutshell, it is a beautiful healing service experience. SAHAYA – SOUKYA as the name means service for well being."

- Mr.Christopher Selvan (Bangalore) after 13 days stay, November 2011

"I felt relaxed and overall health condition is getting better. I hope I will get rid of my problems, I thank everyone for their support and help special thanks to Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Mathai."

- Mrs. Ramya, (Chintamani) after 21 days stay, February 2012

"This was my first experience with Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Naturopathy treatment. I feel relaxed, energetic, rejuvenated and determined to maintain this level of health. Felt very comfortable and peaceful during entire stay. Thank you all the staff for this relaxed, friendly atmosphere, especially all the doctors and therapists for bringing my body back in tune with itself."

- Mr. Naveen Nagalingam(Australia) after 14 days stay, March 2012

"Had a nice stay for two weeks. I am floored by the warmth and goodwill of staff and doctors. The therapists were too good and they know their job well. Thank you!."

- Mrs.Vasudharini Srinivasan (Bangalore) after 13 days stay, April 2012

"My hearty thanks to every staff member for their constant support throughout my stay here. I specially thank all the doctors for their timely support in all the ways. Your effort can never be forgotten. Thank you all."

- Mrs. Dyna Marneni (Hyderabad) after 8 days stay, June 2012

"The stay for 14 days in the lovely & homely atmosphere at Sahaya was a pleasant and wonderful experience to me. The accommodation was very comfortable and relaxing. The experienced doctors, therapists and other staffs were very good and cooperative. The treatments here are excellent and very helpful for me. I am expressing my great gratitude to all the doctors for their great and helpful treatments and advices. I also express my thanks and love to the therapists here. I came here with very sickly body and depressed mind. Now, I am leaving here with a refreshed mind and better body. Thank you for all at Sahaya and

"May God the Almighty bless you all"

. Praise to the god."

- Mrs. Susy Thomas (Kottayam) after 14 days stay, June 2012

"Our stay was very comfortable. All staff are very friendly. Thank you for all Doctors, therapists, kitchen staff and cleaning staff. May God bless all. Thank you."

- Mrs. Sini Biju & Lillu Pappachan (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, June 2012

"Fully satisfied. Came here as a sick and negative person. Going home with full of positive energy. Thanks to everyone. All therapists are friendly and co-operative. Enjoyed my stay. Thanks a lot. Thanks to all the doctors who helped me to come out of mess."

- Mrs. Sudha Susheelan, (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, July 2012

"It is a very good Ayurvedic, Homeopathic service they provide. The Holistic environment is very much supportive for the patient."

- Mr.Mrutyunjay (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, July 2012

"Googled on the web & found SOUKYA/ SAHAYA - the leading Ayurvedic centers in Bangalore. So I sent my parents to enjoy 2 weeks treatment & immediately I flew down to Bangalore from Abu Dhabi knowing that there is cure for psoriatic Arthritis. After the good report from my parents (Lawrence & Angela) I was at SAHAYA. The very moment I stepped out of the elevator I was welcomed by the GM. It was warm & pleasing & I thank him for his kind concern throughout my stay. I was then consulted by all the doctors. They all gave hope & changed my mind about my health condition & with the help of all therapists alongside the dietary department. I had recovery support, healing, satisfaction & hope for a future without pains & struggles & most importantly, without pain killers. I learnt that

"Body has the power to heal itself"

& I will work towards that for complete healing. I thank all the members connected with SAHAYA. I had a pleasant stay. Though I was away from home & family for 21 days I experienced family at SAHAYA. I thank the management & experienced doctors for ensuring a healing experience during my stay. My warm & best wishes to everyone and may God continue his good work in your lives & may He see you will prosper in every perfect & good way. Love you all & God bless….. S – SOOTHING A - ASSISTANCE H - HOMELY A - AMBIENCE Y - YOUTHFUL A



- Mrs. Lindsey Lourd Lawrence (Abu Dhabi) after 21 days stay, July 2012

"We thank you for all the support, effort and dedication with which the treatment was carried out. A HUGE Thank you. Eternally grateful to everybody here - doctor, therapists, staff. Lots of Love.

- Mrs. Smita Mohanty (Bangalore) after 23 days stay, July 2012

"Came to SAHAYA on the recommendation of a friend. Had a very memorable time and experience. We were not promised the moon and the stars, so our expectations were realized beyond belief. It is amazing that tiny tiny changes amount to a big revolution.With new technology changes everyday, it is no surprise that people are going back to our old time medicines as they have come to realize that Ayurveda and Homeopathy offers new light instead of present day medicine which just suppresses rather than finding a cure."

Everybody has made my stay a very memorable one. Thank you for making me feel at home.

- Mrs. Namrata Nadiq Kongovi (USA) after 14 days stay, August 2012

"My wife came for follow up treatment. Here the service and all the staff are hard working and give good service. We pray to god to keep all the staff from the Doctors, Therapist, admin staff, Kitchen and house keeping all the rest of the staff to keep them in good health and success in their future life. God bless you all and shower his grace and blessing always."

- Mrs. Faustina Mahelai (Belgaum) after 14 days stay, August 2012


"My second visit here at SAHAYA.I got the same attention and care from Doctors and therapists. I feel relief overall and I pray and Bless SAHAYA with my BEST WISHES.

- Mrs. Lindsey Lawrence (Abu Dhabi) after 7 days stay, October 2012

"This is my second visit. It was really comfortable and relaxing. Personalized services by the dedicated doctors and all other staff. Best wishes to all."

- Mrs.Nalini R (Bangalore) after 10 stay, October 2012

"This was my first visit. It was a good experience. Relieved of my pain. Personalized service by Doctors and staff. It helped. God Bless."

- Mrs Suman Sharma (MP) after 14 days stay, October 2012

"I felt confident with the Doctors & Therapists care for my son. I am grateful for their treatments given with genuine service and care."

- Mrs.Padmini Venugopal (Bangalore) after 27 days stay, October 2012

"Had a very beneficial and holistical healing. 2 weeks stay out here, and needless to say am cured completely! A huge heartfelt thank you to all of you for taking such good care of me. Love & prayers."

- Ms.Ishita B Sareen (Bangalore) after 13 days stay, November 12

"I had an awesome and great experience at SAHAYA I feel so much more positive and energetic. The doctors are very caring and their attention to every small detail is commendable. A BIG THANK YOU."

- Mr.Imran Ul- Huq(Bangalore) after 21 days stay, December 2012

"I had a new experience. I feel much better and wonderful now. The service was excellent. Thank you to each and every one of you."

- Mrs.Ammanni Ammal (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, January 2013

"I had a lovely time here. Everyone made me feel like I was at home and this made it so much more harder to leave this place. I made so many friends whom I never ever want to forget. Everyone was so very supportive and this made it easier for me to go through a lot of the major treatments. I had a really nice experience here at Sahaya. Thank you so much. I am going to miss you all."

- Mrs. Mrunalini Srinivas (Bangalore) after 21 days stay, January 2013

"Thoroughly enjoyed the stay at Sahaya. It was more like a relaxing vacation. Felt like everyone in this place was trained to be so friendly. Doctors & all other staff worth the mention. Very good experience over all."

- Mr. Leo Paul Anthony (New York) after 8 days stay, February 2013

"A very special thanks to Dr Mathai, Mrs.Suja & all the doctors for taking good care of me during my stay here at Sahaya. My 3 weeks here was very comfortable, relaxing & I felt at home. The treatments were excellent. Thank you to all the staff for being so polite, kind & helpful."

- Mrs.Alice Koshy (Toranto, Canada) after 20 days stay, February 2013

"Sincere thanks for taking good care of me. My deep gratitude to Doctors for walking the extra mile to help me for making my stay comfortable. You are very caring and thank you. Many thanks to the reception staff, therapists, kitchen staff and cleaning crew for their warm friendly and loving care. It was an unforgettable experience. I will be back soon. Heartfelt thanks!"

- Mrs. Diana Priscilla J Bangalore) after 21 days stay, February 2013

"All the staff have been very helpful and kind and the team complement each other."

- Mrs.Laila Antoun (U.K) after 91 days stay, May 2013

"We found the entire staff at Sahaya to be very professional & friendly. Right from the cleaners, kitchen staff, therapists and doctors. Whilst I was apprehensive at the start, the results have been tremendous! The entire hospital is very well & it really makes sense to have holistic treatment rather than just one stream of medicine. We found all the therapists to be very dedicated and well trained we will certainly share our experience with others."

- Mrs & Mr. Arunjay Katakam (Bangalore) after 21 days stay, May 2013

"My stay here has been perfect and just what I needed at this time. Thank you all for taking care of me and helping my recovery process. Each of you has been wonderful. Doctors and attendants alike. Thank you very much. Great food balanced and well prepared. I will try to continue it and will definitely miss it.!"

- Mrs. Thangamma Cariappa after 8 days stay, June 2013

"Thank you for taking such good care of us. The staff was extremely courteous, warm and yet very professional and well trained. We loved the food, the hygiene, the treatments, consultations and all the facilities. All the Doctors are excellent. Thank you for not just taking us through good treatments but also teaching us elements involved in a healthy lifestyle. Special thanks to Doctors for answering all our questions patiently and giving us simple and effective ways towards good health. A special mention for the fantastic care and skilled therapists and the care taken by kitchen and housekeeping staff.

- Mr.Amit & Ms.Vandana (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, August 2013

"Very happy with the treatment that I received.I was feeling better in no time & never felt any ill effects during my treatment. Very good food, healing therapies (especially the acupuncture & reflexology sessions). The entire staff of the center has been very warm and kind in every sense. The doctors have been very patient and helpful too. Thank you very much ."

- Mr. Appayya K C (Bangalore), after 5 days stay, September 2013

"Thank you all staff & therapists for the exceptional care. Doctors were kind & patient. They answered our question & gave us excellent advice. The therapists were careful, well trained & skilled. The entire staff took good care of us. Thank you one & all."

- Mr. Stephen & Ms. Miriam Colaco (USA) after 5 days stay, September 2013

"I checked in after my cancer treatment, shaky, ill and miserable. Eighteen days later, I leave feeling fine. Congratulations, Dr. Isaac and Dr. Suja for your brilliant concept. Thank you dear doctors, therapists for the excellent medical care and skilled and patient therapy.Every meal was enjoyable. Every member of the staff – kind and caring. I hope to come back and I look forward to another stay at SAHAYA sometime."

- Mrs. Marie Therese Saldhana (Bangalore) after 20 days stay, September 2013

"Exceptional & unique - the only institution of its type & class in the world - all credit & gratitude to Dr & Mrs. Mathai. The ambience, facilities & treatment are more than world class - the best of doctors & staff, not to mention the oils which are extra special. I was brought back to life at Soukya last year & have been rejuvenated at Sahaya. Thank you for everything. Keep up the standards."

- Justice M.F. Saldanha (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, October 2013

"I have had two weeks of intensive Ayurvedic treatment by personnel who are highly competent, serviceable and dedicated. They are all both professional and friendly, which is not a very common combination. In addition, they have been generous with their service, their time =, their presence. To one and all my heartfelt thanks! God bless you and make Sahaya prosper! Very hearty thanks!"

- Fr.George Nedungatta, S.F., Dharmaram College (Bangalore), after 14 days stay, May 2014

"Kudos to the SAHAYA team of Doctors, Therapists, support staff in the kitchen and Admin. GREAT JOB. At first, I feared how it would be to stay in a hospital environment for 3 weeks. However, the team here made it very comfortable – almost a second home. Thanks everyone."

- Mrs. Sowndarya Narain (Bangalore) after 20 days stay, May 2014


"It is not always that one is ask to achieve one’s goal, but thanks to the tremendous support and skills of the Sahaya Team, I have succeeded. It was a very satisfying experience. I enjoyed the stay and interaction with all the doctors. The staff are very efficient. Special mention to the therapists. Thank you."

- Dr. Archana Nagendra (Hyderabad) after 14 days stay, May 2014

"HATS OFF Dr.Issac Mathai and Mrs.Suja. Your team is doing an excellent job in Sahaya. Their professional and personal skill is excellent. They are very fine humans. Highly skilled team with proper guidance make Sahaya different from other holistic centers. I can say others treat, but you heal."

- Mr. R. Venugopalan Nair (Banglore) after 21 days stay, May 2014

"Excellent facility for those who prefer an integrated alternate therapy treatments. Therapists, staff were polite, cordial and made me feel at home."

- Mr.Afroze Ahmed (Bangalore) after 6 days stay, July 2014

"A big thank you to all the members of Sahaya for helping me and recovering me from my illness. I was very happy to meet Dr.Mathai myself."

- Mrs. Saloni Shah(Bangalore) after 21 days stay, July 2014

"Very professional experience. Thanks a lot to all Doctors and therapists. Very satisfying experience. All the staff is very friendly and cordial. Thanks!"

- Mr. Pravin Kulkarni (Bangalore) after 8 days stay, July 2014

"May God bless each and every member of Sahaya for giving me such a wonderful time with full of love and joy. Thanks for everything.With lots and lots of love!"

- Ms. Leena Lucose (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, July 2014

"My thanks and appreciation to all Doctors, Therapists and all members of Sahaya. I had very professional experience. All the staff are very friendly and coordinative. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful time with Love and Joy."

- Mrs. Fatima Syed Kazim (Kuwait) after 8 days stay, August 2014

"I came to Sahaya in a very needy state. I was very weak and very fatigued. Within a couple of days I would feel a sense of ‘ getting better’, ‘ feeling better’ and ‘ moving better’.These past 3 weeks at Sahaya have been very beneficial for me and I feel it was the right decision to come here.Thanks to all the people who have cared & looked after me these past 21 days."

- Ms. Smita Paramesh (Bangalore) after 22 days stay, September 2014

"My main purpose of a visit and stay in Sahaya have been to de-tox. Between 1980-85 I had undergone heavy cortisone treatment to heal a care of minimal nephritis. A sathvik diet, the shirodara practice of body cleansing measures, I am convinced that will be for the good - a battery recharge to put in very basic terms. Thank You!"

- Mr. N.P. Cariappa (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, September 2014

"Just spent 3 weeks here. This was my first experience of holistic treatment. I am very impressed with the attention and care provided by the medical and support staff."

- Mr. Shiv Agarwal (Bangalore) after 21 days stay, October, 2014

"I was here for a period of 28 days & the help I received from the therapists was extremely beneficial. The doctors were very proactive & kept updating themselves regarding my progress.Extremely good food & I felt very much like at home!The support staff were very helpful & made my stay a pleasant experience!

- Mr. Suchin Karanth(Bangalore) after 28 days stay, October 2014

"I was in Sahaya for about 30 days and it was my first time in India. I didn’t expect so many nice people. Everything was perfect. Thanks.!"

- Mr. Stefan Junghofar (Germany) after 28 days stay, October 2014

"Services received were very good & I hope it is the beginning of my full recovery from my longtime ailment. With continued contact. I believe I shall be completely relieved of my condition. I wish to thank every hand of doctors & staff. God bless the Managing Director for this set-up."

- Mr. Amaihian Ohizua (Nigeria) after 21 days stay, November 2014

"What an excellent idea of starting a hospital like this. Really every mother in this world should bring up a son like Dr Mathai in a service oriented mind set up hard work of the child resulted as SAHAYA. All the doctors are so helpful, so caring. I love all the doctors, staff & everybody. Let God bless each of you with all health & wealth. Your service has to reach in all areas in Bangalore. Thank you."

- Mrs. Meena Murthy (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, November 2014

"I was here for 14 days. Feel like home. Very nice people and doctors are very good and are on time. Treatments were very good. Food is very nice. Thanks every one."

- Mr. Azam Shah (New Zealand) after 8 days stay, February 2015

"It was wonderful healing experience. The staff was friendly and experienced in their work and never had feeling that I was in a hospital."

Thankful for the co-operation and the services provided.

- Mr. Noor Mohammed Inayatulla (Bangalore) after 7 days stay, February 2015

"I arrive at SAHAYA with high stress, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the stomach and weakness. Doctors suggested 21 days of treatment for deep detox and today I am leaving saying


. Excellent Doctors, treatments, very professional therapists and a friendly service made me feel at home. I feel more relaxed and vitality. I hope to return next year to continue my recovery."

- Mrs. Maria Concepcion Perez(Mexico) after 22 days stay, February 2015

"I really appreciate the high quality work that is provided in SAHAYA (both technical and human). It was a great service for my health and spirit received by the marvelous team that is led by Dr. Mathai."

- Mrs.Teresa Elena (Mexico) after 22 days stay, February 2015

"My wife Smt. Chandrakala was admitted second time for treatment in SAHAYA for 10 days. As always I was made to feel at home by all the Doctors. Thank you all for taking care of my wife’s physical and psychological needs. The treatments provided in SAHAYA is very good. Doctors and staff are very co-operative and helpful. Accommodation and treatment is very good."

- Mr.Venkateshaiah (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, March 2015

"I was admitted for 21 days from 4th March to 25th March. After trying many places, this is the first place which offers treatment covering all the holistic aspects of homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy and yoga. After a long spell of 38 years of wrong life style, I finally have been sent to SAHAYA by the Grace of God. He would probably take some more time for all my ailments by treatments as the list is very extensive. However, I have found the right place eventually. Everything happens for a reason at the right time and right place and I am extremely grateful to everyone here and to the Divine for having guided me here."

- Mr. Rajat Lal (U.P) after 21days stay, March 2015

"I want to admit the stay was excellent. The patient care was more than satisfying. Therapists did a remarkable job effectively, brought me back. All the Doctors were fine and professionally caring. Each and every Doctor, felt that it was their family member, who is the patient. Everyday, they enquired about the procedure, therapy and about the stay. All the staff were very cordial and was ready to offer help whenever requested by me. THANKS TO THE MANAGEMENT FOR THE HOLISTIC CARE."

- Mr. Vaidyanathan K (Bangalore) after 6 days stay, April 2015

"This is my fourth time that I have come back for the holistic treatment that SAHAYA has always excelled in. As always the place is filled with so much positive energy and healing experience, I don’t have enough words and space to pen my thoughts. From the front desk to all the way in the treatment room everyone spreads happiness with their service and support with smile and warmth.

- Mr. Deepak Artal (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, March 2015

"I stayed for 6 days and the treatments and Doctors’ care is appreciable. Thanks to all the Doctors.

- Mr.Jayashankar Ghale (Bidar) after 6 days stay, May 2015

"Excellent in all ways. Thankful to Dr. Mathai for having such a vision. Feeling great after the treatments. Hope I would have been here earlier. Doctors and staff are equally good. Hope the goodness spreads by word of mouth and more people get benefit from treatment meted out here. Thankful to all!

- Mrs. Shail Akhter (New Delhi) after 10 days stay, May 2015

"This is my third stay at SAHAYA and I must say that all the staff and services are as excellent as my previous ones. My hearty thanks to all the Doctors, therapists for their services. Whenever I go back from SAHAYA I am charged with positivity and hope!

- Mrs.Dyna Marneni (Hyderabad) after 6 days stay, June 2015

"SAHAYA has provided awesome treatment to my mother. Really impressed with the way everyone has taken care of my mother along with daily treatment. I would like to thank all the doctors, staff & everyone who assisted with the treatment. My mother feels really better & her health has improved to lot better extend. Cleanliness, hygiene & the way staff take care of the patient, gives a very homely feeling. Again thanks to each & everyone."

- Mrs. Anjana Rastogi (U.P) after 21 days stay, July 2015

"I come from Rajasthan & culture is very different, food is different, language is different but still I can’t feel bore because of the support provided by doctors & everyone in Sahaya.Thanks to everyone specially therapists & all the doctors. I feel some positive energy from here."

- Mr. Ravi Yadav (Rajasthan), after 14 days stay, August 2015

"My journey towards treatment was 14 days with a perfect combination of Ayurveda, yoga, homeopathy, naturopathy, as I was admitted at this center for morning stiffness, body ache, sometimes cramps in the body. All the treatments were tailor made & wonderful experience. Am feeling better than I was suffering previously. Prior to treatment, I was explained about the importance, effect & benefit of each treatment by concerned doctors and the treatment was enjoyable & relaxable & the associated therapists was very kind & affectionate. All the doctors were very loving caring, co-operative with food hospitality of human touch. The early morning’s warm smile of all the staff was appreciable. Special thanks to Dr.Issac Mathai & Manager at Soukya center for kind concern & courtesy. Really I appreciate their vision towards green & renewable energy at Soukya center. Thanks to all the members of SAHAYA & SOUKYA. Have a great future ahead & wishing a great success with good vision & mission."

- Mrs.Rajeshwari N (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, August 2015

"Very good staff, great hospitality. We are very happy with the treatment. Thanks a ton for Doctors, Therapists and all other staff in this Medical Centre."

- Mr. Nagaraja Gowda (Bangalore) after 12 days stay , October 2015

"Excellent as always. Very caring, sincere and professional staff. Excellent treatments. My compliments to all."

- Mr. Rajat Lal (U.P) (4th visit) after 8 days stay, November 2015

"Feeling better. Good doctors, professional staff and always smiling therapists, healthy and tasty food prepared by experienced and knowledgeable cooks. Overall a great feeling."

- Mrs. Prathibalakshmi M (Bangalore) after 15 days stay, December 2015

"Me and my wife came from Sikkim suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. After many visits in various hospitals and doctors, we finally got this hospital’s address through website. Doctors of various hospitals had given up hope saying the disease is incurable. But when we reached SAHAYA the first thing that greeted us was a positive vibration where all Doctors positively told us that even though the disease is incurable we will help in every aspect to make things more comfortable. My husband, who was suffering from MND had respiratory problem, could not walk, could not lift his hands, legs but after 14 days of treatment and therapy there was lot of improvement. He was much improved. His bowel movements improved, his respiratory system improved. Overall there was much improvement. Here, we found a team of Doctors who are very dedicated and goes to very small details to improve the situation. The teams of therapists have given their 100%. The cooks who went out of their way to try and prepare. Our taste of food is unexplainable. The management is awesome, where the Manager is very particular for each and every comfort. Overall we found this place correct place and I would suggest others too to come here. THANK YOU SAHAYA TEAM."

- Mr.Rohit Kumar Chettri (Sikkim) after 14 days stay, February 2016

"This was my second time at SAHAYA and the experience was great. The Doctors are very caring and look into every small problem. Excellent treatment from all the doctors has helped me feel lighter and much more positive. The food has been good. The therapists are very professional and ensure all treatments are provided well. Overall wonderful experience."

- Mr.Imran Ul Huq (Bangalore) after 7 days stay, February 2016

"This was my first 1st visit to any Holistic Centre. I came to SAHAYA 20 days before and now going from here. From my 1st day to 20 days everything was fine. All Doctors were good. Therapists were also good. Treatment was fine. Thank you.

- Ms.Priti Kumari (Bihar) after 21 days stay, March 2016

"My dearest daughter Miss Shivani Saran had met with a road accident. We had visited almost all the good Hospitals. All types of treatments were given to her at different Hospitals. When we met Dr. Mathai, he gave a very positive hope and here at SAHAYA we remained for a long period of about a month. Even in long period the bahaviour, treatment and hospitality of the Doctors, physiotherapists, the cook and all the staff remained of the highest quality. Doctors of all the Departments are very experts, know their work with excellence and were very cordial and well matured. We have (me, my wife and daughter) have highest appreciation for them. My daughter’s case is very old but with their expert hands, medicines and other treatments, there is quite some progress in her health and we hope she will further recover with the medicines and instructions given by Doctors here. We are fully satisfied. I hope and pray that their pious job will cure so many other patients also. I wish them all the best. Thank you very much."

-Mr. A.N.S.Shrivastav (Retd.Dist & Sessions Judge & Chairman, Divisional Vigilance Committee, Lokayukta, Bhopal) after 28 days stay, April 2016

"I have been coming to SAHAYA for treatment every year since 2010

.It was like coming back to the very familiar warm and friendly environment. Whenever I have come and stayed here, I have felt a lot of positive energy around this place because of the people – the doctors, the therapists and the committed staff members, who are so warm and friendly. This time also it was no different – it was just WONDERFUL. What more can I say. I just want to express my gratitude to all the staff – Accounts, Admin, Kitchen, Housekeeping, the Doctors and the Therapists for their help and support and affection. SAHAYA is like a second home to me. Thank you all once again and GOD Bless!!!"

- Mrs.Mallika Viswanathan (Bangalore) after 13 days stay, April 2016

"It has been the first time experience with SAHAYA and the Institution has lived upto the literal meaning of its name. I hope to practice the lessons learnt from the Doctors and follow the advices given by the Doctors. Special thanks to all Medical and Non-medical staff members."

- Mrs.Saramma Varghese (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, May 2016

"The fourteen day stay at the SAHAYA was quite splendid. I got admitted here for the treatment of my son. In fact, I had lot of apprehensions before coming here. But this short stay made me and my son feel that we were one among all of you. Above all, the love and care that all of you showered on my son touched my heart. The concern showed by all the Doctors is something commendable. The commitment showed by the Therapists is also commendable. I thank all the medical and non-medical staff for the splendid support and hope this would continue in coming years too."

- Mrs. Bindu Anil (Kollam) after 16 days stays, May 2016

"This is my sixth visit here and it is really very rejuvenating. All the staff is very friendly and professional and the doctors very caring."

- Mr.Rajat Lal (Delhi),after 10 days stay, July 2016

"This is my 2nd visit to SAHAYA after 6 years.It is heartening to see a calm place that gives you the right treatments for the problems. Here for 14 days stay was very comfortable. Doctors and Therapists are very caring and very good. All in all, wonderful experience. Started to see results quickly."

- Ms.Chitra Saletore (Bangalore)after 14 days stay, July 2016

"Thank you Dr. Mathai & Mrs. Mathai for your personal attention on my health and recovery. It was very much caring and loving experience I received in “SAHAYA”. I felt like I am being taken care by my own family. I felt solace during my stay. Entire “SAHAYA” team deserves appreciation for their efforts to make me stand strong and healthy.”I felt I made right decision to visit SAHAYA and get myself treated.I strongly recommend SAHAYA for “HOLISTIC TREATMENT”.

- Mr.Sandeep Joglekar (Bangalore) after 7 days stay, July 2016

"I have come to SAHAYA after four months of hell at various hospitals offering allopathic solutions, with no improvement.At SAHAYA in 12 days, I have seen and felt significant improvement. My satisfaction with the treatment is such that I have decided to travel from Mumbai to SAHAYA for follow up treatment as and when it is required. As much as the competence of the Doctors has helped, so has the support of the non-medical staff, the masseurs, the kitchen, the Admin. Staff. All have been exemplary. I recommend SAHAYA strongly to all."

- Mr.Anant Rangaswamy (Mumbai) after 12 days stay, September 2016

"A very big THANK YOU TO ALL – the Doctors, the therapists, the kitchen staff, housekeeping staff and the Admin. Staff. Grateful to all of you for taking such good care of me."

- Ms.Mallika Viswanathan (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, September 2016

I had stayed at SAHAYA for 14 days for the treatment of lower back pain. I find the services at SAHAYA to be one of the best. Their approach to treatment, holistic care and patient care is top notch. Staff are well behaved and knowledgeable. Thank you to all at SAHAYA for the care and comfort provided.

- Mr.Sateesh Kaimal (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, October 2016

My 13 days at “SAHAYA” – It is excellent experience at all levels of my treatment. The Doctors, the therapists, the kitchen and the front office staff are all very helpful, courteous and dedicated to me. Their approach to treatment is really a holistic care and all therapists are excellent trained. “I felt SAHAYA is my second home”. Thank you to all of you at SAHAYA for the care and comfort provided to me. I wish you all very Happy & Bright Diwali. May God Bless SAHAYA with a very bright future.

- Ms.Sheila Makker (Visakhapatnam) after 13 days stay, October 2016

In “SAHAYA” I felt homely. Initially I was feeling how do I spend 14 days of treatment, but I didn’t feel any loneliness as the staff are very caring. One thing I liked here is the “Holistic Approach” they follow. I came for shoulder and neck treatment, but they have taken care each and every problem of my body like back pain, leg pain, headache etc., Doctors are very knowledgeable. They explain the root cause for each problem. This has given me more confidence on the treatment. I would surely visit here again with my parents and friends and relatives. Special mention on Yoga for specific parts is really appreciable.

- Mr.Pradeep Kumar (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, November 2016

Though I was very hesitant to get admitted for my various problems, thinking that at the age of 80+ it might not be worth it, specially with various problems, I must confess that the medical treatments, the friendly manner of all those who attended on me and not to mention the effectiveness of all the treatments so far are beyond words. May God bless your selfless loving work to make “pain go away” as I do hope to live without pain, but yet keep up the good relationship with the wonderful team at SAHAYA for the rest of my time in this world. Wishing you all the best that can happen in the future!

- Ms.Dinah George (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, November 2016

Descending from the snow-clad and cool hills, I was little unsure of my stay in rather an unfamiliar and strange place, but today after staying for 10 days, I take back all the warmth, love and care of SAHAYA. 10 days just passed by and here I am – almost a new, healed, holistically attended and taken care of my Doctors, the therapists, the complete support staff. The entire staff has been very warm, friendly and truly skilled and experts in their fields. Thank you all for making me feel at home and in curing me with your medicines and smiles. Dr. Mathai, thank you for setting up a unique place like this. A big God Bless for each one of you!!

- Dr.(Prof.) Mita Biswas (Shimla) after 10 days stay, January 2017

With active and continuous interaction with the patients by all the staff members, I have completed 21 days of my stay as 21 hours. Thank you one and all.It has been a wonderful experience at SAHAYA. A Big thanks to all the 3 Doctors for continuous support and wonderful treatment. Heartful thanks to Admin. Staff for their patience and support. They made us feel at home. Thanks a lot to all the staff members.

- Mr.C.V. Sarma (Andra Pradesh) after 21 days stay, January 2017

A big thank you to all the Doctors, Therapists, Admin. Staff, kitchen staff, housekeeping and security for taking such good care of me again. Thank you and wish you all the best.

- Ms. Mallika Viswanathan (Bangalore) after 8 days stay, February 2017

Thanks to all of you for excellent service and help and taking good care of me. God Bless!

- Ms.Suman Sharma (Bangalore) after 6 days stay, February 2017

Thank you Dr. Mathai, Mrs. Mathai and Anna for picking me up when I had fallen and letting me stay at SAHAYA for 14 days. I had come here with a lot of stress and related issues, but today almost new, healed and rejuvenated (body, mind and soul) I am done with my treatment. I leave this place with great positivity and gratitude. But before that I would like to thank all the Doctors for not just their medicines and treatments, but also their care and attention. I would also like to thank all the Therapists, housekeeping and kitchen staff for not just taking care of my but also being my friends along the way. I fall short of words to express my gratitude towards everyone. You guys are doing an amazing job. THANK YOU.

- Ms.Arsheya Jabeen (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, March 2017

I am coming here for the second time for the treatment of my son. Hats off to the therapists who literally tolerated all his pranks and saw to it that the treatment is done in the best possible way. Their loving attitude and all the positive feedbacks that they gave me about my son has instilled a lot of confidence in me, that my son can progress in life. I thank all the staff for making my stay very cordial and homely. I thank the housekeeping staff for making my stay comfortable. The kitchen staff provided some tasty food. Thanks for that also.

- Ms.Bindu Anil (Kerala) after 14 days stay, April 2017

Thanks to all the sahaya team for the excellent service that I received here. When I come here I was in lot of pain and doubts. I had also come against a lot of odds with family members. Pressurizing me to go to kottekal for my treatment. But persisted because I believed in the integrative treatment that sahaya offered and I don’t regret my decision for coming here. I am going back home healed and happy. Each and every member of the sahaya team is very friendly and supportive very friendly staff! Thank you to Doctors and all staff for all yours services .

- Ms.Meena Ratadia (Tamil Nadu) after 14 days stay, July 2017

Here for the second time.The facilities are good and the doctors and the staff are supportive.We thank all doctors and their staff for the excellent care they have given. The staff are very co-operative and offer excellent services.Wish them all best of luck.

- Ms.Hemavathi Balasundar (Bangalore) after 14 days stay, September 2017

I Feel blessed to have been introduced to sahaya and its brilliant doctors and supporting staff. I was here felt like a princess. The treatments, Massages, yummy food and personalized services didn’t let me miss home ever once . Its strange , but I just don’t feel like leaving.It has been an utterly blissful, Holistically enriching experience . I am going back refreshed, rejuvenated, calm, detoxified and totally stress-free, not to forget, way lighter ( Literally).A big thank you to all doctors and therapists for all the heavenly massages and their great company and kitchen staff for giving me yummy food and making sure I was well fed. Thanks for the front desk staff for co-ordinating every thing and making sure I was comfortable. Thank you so much.

- Ms. Ashna Abrol (New Delhi) after 14 days stay, September 2017

Very good Improvement is true.

- Ms.Snidha Pradhan (Kolkata) after a week stay, Sep 2017

Effective treatments & the results was seen in 10 days stay of my mother.

- Ms.Savithri E (Bangalore) after 10 days stay,Nov 2017

This is not my first visit to SAHAYA I came in the confidence that my medical complaint will be addressed.

- Anant Rangaswami (Mumbai) after 4 days stay, Dec 2017

The staff were friendly & supportive. The treatment was good. Special thanks to Dr.Sudha for her guidance & support and other doctors for their daily consultations & support.Front Desk staff for co-ordinating for my stay . I now feel distressed, energetic, confident & ready to go on with my life in full throttle.

- Mr. Mohammed Faheem (UAE) after a week stay, Dec 2017

Very good place,Very good treatment, saw a great improvement.

- Mr.Subhash Chandra Babu (Bangalore) after 3 weeks stay, Dec 2017

The very fact that I have come here for the 4th time. This time for a tenure of two complete weeks itself shows how relaxed, rejuvenated and reassured I feel after taking the treatments here. A very very special ‘THANK YOU’ to Doctors and therapists for their superlative therapies. I am grateful to Doctors for revising me with yoga and for giving naturopathy therapies. Front Desk staff has always been kind enough to see to all the comforts and wellness progress. The food was good and in sync with the diet we require. God bless each one working here and I wish this wellness centre much more success to be of comfort and solace to other patients.

- Dr. Mita Biswas (Shimla) after 2 weeks stay,Feb 2018

Thanks to all the sahaya staff for their personalized care and attention to us. This is our first time and were quiet anxious and doubtful about the treatment and after effects. Thanking Doctors for there timely visits and positivity.Excellent team! We have being content and happy.

- Mr.Nevin Mathew Sunny (Bahrain) after 2 weeks stay, Feb 2018

I come to sahaya with severe low back, neck pain, shoulder frozen condition after guidance of sahaya doctors and Homeopathy doctor, I can say confidently that is pain level has reduced to great extent. I am confident that I will be cured form the pains in upcoming months. Thank you doctors for all guidance and thank you admin staff for facilitating all the needs. At last, the great therapists they know exact need for individuals cannot forget treatment taken. They are the best therapists I have experienced so far. Excellent team overall!! Thank you.

- Mr.Ananthapadmanabha M L,Urrarahalli bangalore, after 14 days of stay, March 2018

This is my fourth stay for treatment at SAHAYA. At the new premises at MAIYA, Jayanagar.Doctors were a great support & very kind & helpful.Therapists very helpful at every step and very co-operative. Overall my health improved to a certain extent.Hope to continue to stay in good health with good advice from doctors & medicines provided.

- Ms.Lindsey Lawrence (UAE) after 2 weeks stay,March 2018

Third treatment at SAHAYA.Doctors made clear assessment of my son’s progress. Very cordial and open to suggeestions.Therapists are Superb. They were very patient and loving to my son. Infact they heartily wish him to get better, they tolerated all his pranks and stiff resistances during treatment and handled with very smoothly.Front desk very helpful.

- Ms.Bindu Anil, Kollam, after 2 weeks stay, May 2018

All staffs are good and they treat pleasantly. I will also refer my friends.

- Ms.Savitha K R ( Bangalore) after 2 weeks stay, June 2018

All doctor therapists & staff are very supportive committed & sincere would be a pleasure to visit again thanks.

- Mr.Chetan Bajaj & Nandini Bajaj (Bangalore) after 2 days stay, June 2018

I had superb treatments. The staff Front desk, Doctors, and therapist were outstanding.Very care taking therapists. Over all I have wonderful 10 days at SAHAYA.

- Mr. C.V Purushotham (Bangalore) after 10 days stay, July 2018

Never felt that we were in a hospital. It was so much home like. The entire team interacted & treated my father as it he was their own family member. Special thanks to all staff for doing such dedicated & sincere service. Thanks a lot to Doctors for taking extremely professional & personal care of my father’s treatment. Thanks to front desk for helping us and making our stay comfortable. This was memorable. I am cherishing & going to come back soon.

- Mr.Manoj & Shri A.C Jauhari (Bangalore) after 9 days stay, July 2018

It was a pleasant experience here. Everyone here was really pleasant. Staff here was really sincere and dedicated. All doctors were really supportive and that really helped my healing.

- Ms. Ashitha Nair (Chennai) after 3 weeks stay, November 2018

Very good hospitality.the treatments are integrated able to feel the imprument is a short time.

- Kaleeswaran, Hosur, after 14days of stay, December 2018

The very fact that I have come here 5th time, speaks volumes of excellent treatments. Thanks to Dr.Rekha, the therapists, support staff ad Mr. Santhosh , Dr.Joseph – it was therapeutic, relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting experience. Thank you everyone for the magical healing touch. A big god bless!

- Mita Biswas, Himachal Pradesh, after 14 days of stay, December 2018

Everything in excellent heartful thanks to Dr. Rekha, the therapist, Dr. Joseph and the support staff for very good. Treatments. Thankyou everyone. God bless you all !

-Asha Sareen, Jaipur, after 14 days of stay, December 2018

Very glad that I look the decision t recoup here at SAHAYA. Big thank you to Dr.Rekha for taking such good care of me. All the best for the future.

- Maneesha Diksheet Mumbai, after 8days of stay. December 2018

I am so happy that I have been into beautiful treatment which was for my health issues (arthritis). I was there for 14days. It was so good cant even explain that how much I am happy and staff were so friendly and they were helping me for each second. Dr. Rekha, Dr. Shana, Dr. Joseph every one gave me whole positive atmosphere inside my soul that I will be alright and ti helped me hundred percent. Santhosh sir, Shobha mam they were also so caring and what ever I need help they wer helping. Prema aunty, Asha sister, Sujatha aunty, Aslam, Vanajakshi aunty, Swamy uncle the staffs were so good and they were so helpful. All the treatments were so so much helpful and it improved health a lot more and the day one I entered I was a different person who was totally down and now last day. I am a different and a positive person. I would like to thank each and every one over here. I am so grateful and happy and I have beautiful memories over here and I will definitely suggest people who wants to be related or even for an health issue please they must come here and they should get treated. This on of the best holistic centre. I have ever seen before everything excellent (Hospitality, treatment, diet food, doctors, staffs) It just feels like over own home. Thank you so much everyone. (Dr. Narayana Nambudari sir is the first person who recognised and diagnosed my disease and gave that I will be completely alright) if I keep up my medicine, food, exercise properly. And I will continue my routine at home also. I am grateful and thankful to Narayana Nambudari doctor and to SAHAYA Holistic Centre.

- Aishwarya S, Bengaluru, after 14 days of stay, January 2019

Let me thank all the doctors and staff here. I came for treatment with low energy and attitude, 2weeks stay here changed a lot, the doctors put me into though process that, I have lot more to de and can achieve with good health. Due to Arthritis and stiffness the whole energy was low for some years. Treatment and Yoga class given a great relief.

- Pratheesh Joseph, Bengaluru, after 14 days of stay, January 2019

When I entered I was so unhealthy and day by day I felt my treatment was good and I was improving. I felt so relaxed and everyone was so kind and friendly with me. I thank you all for my treatment. My humble request we need a person to stay with us in night. Other than everything was well. Doctors are so kind and excellent.

- K. Sujatha, Chinna Kodiyur, 13 days of stay, February 2019

This is my first time to SAHAYA I spend 10days I felt very nice & doctors motivated me very well & staff treated me very well excellent time.

- Umashankar.M, Bengaluru, 10 days of stay, April 2019