Welcome to Sahaya

SAHAYA HOLISTIC INTEGRATIVE HOSPITAL PVT.LTD., has been started to extend Integrative Medicine with a Holistic Approach to all sectors of society, both for medical treatment and health improvement.


This is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city. Sahaya is an integrative hospital with a focus on holistic healing through Ayurveda. It is perhaps one of the best known Ayurveda clinics in Bangalore.


We offer the best holistic treatment in Bangalore by integrating various systems of medicines namely Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga. All this is available under one roof in the heart of Bangalore.


Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India, which originated there over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda emphasizes on re-establishing balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise and body cleansing of the complete person. At SAHAYA in Bangalore, Ayurveda is practiced with the best of Ayurvedic Physicians in the most authenticated manner.


Holistic Health is a philosophy of treating the person as a whole, mind-body-spirit in the context of one's physiological, psychological, emotional, nutritional, lifestyle, sociological, environmental and spiritual aspects, both in sickness and in health. The holistic assumption is that the body has a remarkable innate capacity to heal itself.

Integrative Medicine is the method of integrating different systems of Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Complementary Therapies, Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology from around the world for the treatment of the patient. Healing by incorporating appropriate modern medical techniques with traditional medical systems based on individual needs.

Our Strength: 

  • Qualified and experienced doctors from different systems of medicine.   
  • Quality and authenticity of treatment.   
  • Integrity of delivery of services.   
  • Residential and non-residential medical and health programs.   
  • Affordable cost of treatment.   
  • Subsidized treatment for the under privileged.   
  • Prevention, early intervention and treatment of illnesses.   
  • Health promotion with safe, natural medicine that has no side effects.   
  • Chronic, rare and incurable conditions treated successfully.   
  • Increased health consciousness at a multi-dimensional level, to enable one to adopt a healthy lifestyle.   
  • Started by the Founders of SOUKYA International Holistic Health Centre, one of the world's best holistic health retreat in a 30-acre organic farm in Whitefield, that has treated guests and patients from over 60 countries.



“All treatments are very good.”
-Mr. K Ravi Shankar (India) after 20 days stay in May 2009

“My stay here was very relaxing. The facilities here have been very good and the staff has been extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and am leaving feeling a lot more rejuvenated physically and mentally.”
-Ms. Anjana Navnith (India) after 14 days stay in June 2009

“Very nice, staffs are very nice, I enjoyed the stay.”
-Mr. A Dharmarajan (India) after 7 days stay in July 2009

“Accommodation was very comfort & relaxing, staffs are good and very co operative, treatments are excellent and feeling good. Premises are very tidy and good.”
-Mr. Rahul Kumar (India) after 10 days stay in July 2009

“My 3 weeks stay at SAHAYA is probably the most memorable one. The facilities and treatment were great from doctors, therapists and other staffs. I can feel the positive energy and compassion all the time. This gives SAHAYA a rejuvenating and healing ambience. I would love to spend more time here and with the people around.”
-Mr. Deepak Artal (India) after 28 days stay in September 2009

“Stay was very comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. Staff were warm and friendly. Treatment was good. I would recommend improvement on food, not on quality but definitely on choice, more to what the patient likes.”
-Mr. Karen Jeremiah (India) after 16 days stay in September 2009

“I enjoyed this place very much. Dr. Sudha and Dr. Rekha took very good care of me. I will remember this place always.”
-Ms. Sakshi Arora (India) after 6 days stay in September 2009